Table of Cookies

Click here to go straight to the end of this page to see a table of cookies used, a description of their function, why we use them and how long they are stored on your computer for. The next few paragraphs describe this in plain English with a little more detail

The Cookie about the Cookie Notice

A cookie will be left on your computer that tells this website whether you have accepted cookies or not.  This is so that you don’t have to read the cookie notice every time you visit the page.  It lasts for 1 month and then expires.  After that the notice will be displayed again.  You can disable this cookie if you wish but in this case you will be shown the cookie notice every time you visit the website.

The Cookies used by Google for Analytics

We use Google analytics to understand how people use and browse our website and what is of interest to website visitors.

In order to gain this information, we store a cookie on your computer.  The information provided by these cookies goes to Google, who aggregate the data and create statistics from it.  We are then able to access anonymous statistical information which could include for example:

  • which pages are visited
  • how much time is spent on a page
  • which actions are taken on a page
  • the type of browser used
  • the type of device used
  • the IP address
  • which countries web site visitors are from
  • and other similar information

We use this information for the following purposes:

  • to make sure that our website works for the devices that visitors are using
  • to understand which pages are of interest to visitors which helps us to keep the website relevant and interesting

If you would like to know more about Google Analytics cookies, you can find out here. We do not at any time have any information about the identity of website users.

Cookies for MailChimp Pop Up Form

A few cookies are needed for the functionality of the pop up form that allows you to subscribe to our mailing list.

Cookies for the Enquiry Form

A few cookies are needed for the functionality of enquiry form and the reCaptcha spam protection on that form

Cookies for WordPress Users

This website has been made within the WordPress platform. If you are a logged in WordPress user, a cookie will be stored on your computer

Table of Cookies Used

This table is sorted in alphabetical order. You can resort it how you wish using the up/down arrows. You can also search for a particular item, using the search box.

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